Elevation gradient Innere Ölgrube (Kauner Valley, Tyrol) 2020

In Kauner Valley, close to the area of the rock glacier Innere Ölgrube, vegetation analyses were carried out in summer 2020 from the treeline (2135 m a.s.l.) to the subnival belt (2730 m a.s.l.). Disturbed and undisturbed plots were compared. Temperature and soil water potential measurements were performed at 10 cm soil depth.

Fig. 1: Area for vegetation analysis above the treeline (2245 m a.s.l.). Photo: Katharina Ramskogler.

Fig. 2: A) undisturbed and B) morphodynamically disturbed plot at the upper end of the transect Innere Ölgrube. Photos: Katharina Ramskogler.

Fig. 3: Glacier buttercup (Ranunculus glacialis). Photo: Elias Nitz.