SEHAG follow-up started

Our follow-up applications were successful ! SEHAG is going to continue research for the next three years. During the second phase of our project, we will not only further improve our knowledge and understanding of past geosystem changes but will also focus on the future (until the year 2050). For both aims, we will utilise computer models, not only regarding meteorological forcing (for the reconstruction of past climate and projections of future development, depending on emission scenarios) but also regarding glacier melt, runoff formation, evolution of landforms and vegetation.

The research unit has also changed with respect to working groups and staff. A team at the Institute for Alpine Environment at EURAC, Bolzano has taken over research in vegetation development (subproject 7). Research in hydrological changes (subproject 2) will be continued by TU Munich, joined by the Hydrology Unit at the Institute of Geography at the university of Bern, Switzerland.