SEHAG in the DFG Calendar 2022 „Digitalisation“

This year’s edition of the DFG calendar focuses on the topic „Digitalisation“ and presents 12 DFG-funded projects that use digital processes in their work. The photo submitted by the SEHAG Group as part of a competition represents the month of March.

The image shows a historical photo (from 1924) that has been positioned over a current orthophoto from 2020 and a digital elevation model using photogrammetric methods by determining the exact location of the photographer at that time. The modelled glacier surface from 1924 shows the strong changes of the Gepatschferner in the Kaunertal. The glacier has lost a thickness of about 100 metres at this point. The length of the glacier has decreased by about 2 kilometres since 1924.

The calendar is available for download here.