Saving the Alps: Now on National Geographic

Since the TV premiere on 20.09.2021, the documentary “ Rettung für die Alpen – Unterwegs mit Felix Neureuther“ can be seen on the channels of National Geographic. In conversation with many experts, climate change in the Alpine region is illuminated and the consequences it has for the geosystems in the high mountains are shown. As part of the filming, Felix Neureuther was also a guest at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Florian Haas and his team presented the research activities of the SEHAG research group and showed how changes in the high alpine geosystems can be derived from historical maps and historical photographs.

An excerpt from the documentary, in which Felix Neureuther is a guest in Eichstätt, can be viewed HERE on the Youtube channel of National Geographic Germany (video is in German).